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Going out to dinnar with friends and lover :P


lol do i look outrageously hot? lololoolololololololol

do you liek my custom jeans? lol it haz a thigh high stocking attached to it. anyways, i'm prolly gonna get a ton of looks. duh... i hope i'm not gonna get raepd by the waiter.

i dont think i'll play much aion anymore

i dont think i'll play much aion anymore, so i'm trying to get rid of the game. i bought the limited collectors edition(you get several bonus in-game items for every character that you'll ever create) and i'm gonna trade it for a 50 dollar amazon gift certificate code :P  cuz they dont sell limited collectors anymore
the trial that came with the game will end on November 13th, i wont be renewing my subscription at this point.
it comes with a lv 22 female asmodian ranger with decent items and 400 to 500k in the bank on Siel. if you're interested, email with AION in the subject field. 

guy from AION gets trolled
 Aion is a pretty fun game, lol i get to troll guys for ingame money! anyways this guy was willing to give me that for a camshow. the funny thing is, he doesn't know i have a cawk lol. 400k GET!

I had so much fun trolling... the expression on his face when he saw my penis was priceless LOL. eventhough he disconnected from the cam chat shortly afterwards. he says he liked it (LOL PERV) and he's gonna send me AION money :)  yay! expect this video on my site after it gets processed(have his identity blurred out).

PC buildan
This is my first time putting together a PC, this stuff looks more complicated than the insides of my 360 lol

After asking around the internets, this is what I have planned so far; all start the build after i settle in to my new home :)

i7 920 $280
EVGA 132-BL-E758-TR x58 SLI Mainboard $260
3x2gig OCZ 1600mhz ram $125
Corsair 850W PSU $120
Cooler Master HAF 932 $140
Prolimatech Megahalems cpu cooler $60
ATI 5870  $380 (if i can find one lol they all sold out in like a  few hours) and crossfire down the road
500gig Caviar Black 7200 RPM 32 MB Cache $65
generic dvd drive $30
antistatic bracelet $4 
Vista Ultimate 64 Bit OEM - Windows7 Upgrade Coupon $200

free shipping from amazon and tigerdirect
out-of-state no tax

total=1700 budget

and i'll be sure to take lots of pics of me building this monster in a cute outfit :P

busy optimizing windows vista

sorry for the lack of blog updates lately. i've been real busy optimizing vista lol. which is more like disabling alot of so called features (superfetch, readyboost) and security risks. oh here's sum pics of me and my PC. i just installed crysis warhead on it. shit was so cash. lol. i'll take more pics later with my gaming pc, with a sexier outfit :) hehehehe. so.... what should a girl like me wear while i'm at the computer? Naked doesn't count :P

LA is a pretty nice place

 It has lots of neat stores to window shop and resturants that i've never been to before. pic related, its where i ate a few nights ago. i'd definitely go back there again. i never knew chicken could taste this good :P

anyways. i've pretty much settled in to my new home and i'll have more free time to devote to making more videos for my site and enjoying my new ati 5870. i ruve Ati! cuz nvidia is only 1.7% lol

 i'm waiting for forza3 to come out. the demo was great - but i wish they'd take out the auto rev at the start of the race. everything else is great. no need for grand-rendering-simulator 5; the physics on that game is a joke, just like NFS Shift(more like NFS Shit).

also if you wanna hack around on CSS(dust2 glass wall textures sure are fun), add me to your Steam friends list.
i dont play so seriously now, that was so highschool lol. most of the time i just auto dualies + scout and camp t spawn. lol yawn.

maybe i should try some other types of games. so for you MMO guys, is Aion any good for a girl like me to play? i heard its meh, but the customization features are pretty nice though.

speaking of making new videos, you guys should send me some questions,  i'll pick out my favorites and ya know, answer them, while doing..... lol well, you'll see soon ;P

i'm thinking about getting my hair done

 its been a really long time since the last time i got my hair done, like 10+months lol. now the front part is getting way too long and getting in my way too much. it gets in my mouth when i'm sucking dick :( ick (maybe i should just tie it back) and its all over my face when i'm outside on a windy day. 

so yeah, now i'm looking for a new hairstyle(i'm open to suggestions) if i can't find a new one, i'll just stick with my current look and trim it neater and fix my bangs.

also - maybe i color my hair too? rei blue? i doubt they can color it in that same shade and have it look decent.

o btw - if you're a memeber of my site, feel free to email me through the site and i'll get back to you as soon as i pry myself away from Aion (here's my character so far
(before, all those emails went to my webmaster because they were for guest trade or something)

also - sn goes in the comments, but i wont publish it, dont worry

a certain cute&cuddly running bear made the news today... epic win for whoever designed the children's costume sale poster!


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